Conscious Co-living in Bex

Self-discovery & Inner Evolution

Beyond Inner Global Holding

Grand festival of personal development

2022 Bex

A special opportunity to share in a community and enjoy the freedom of being oneself

We are pleased to present once more our UPDATED inner evolution proposals, so that you can participate EXCLUSIVELY in our Epicenter of inner transformation in Bex. People are expanding their consciousness, enjoying life, developing themselves through creativity, the arts & improvisation, and being inspired by uniting in the flow of movement towards potentiality. We are announcing to members of our BeInCLUB® a PROGRAM of co-living in a group setting, deepening the comprehension of personal and social aspects, interpersonal and romantic relationships, psycho-emotional aspects that worry us, and spiritual challenges regarding blockages in our potentiality that we would like to discover. We count on the presence of several referents in the organisation: ALVERTO founder of the BeInCLUB®, ERIK: singer, songwriter, and mentor in the conscious use of natural substances from the Amazon, as well as other facilitators and mentors such as Amalia, Paula, Michela, Laura, Leila, Gustavo, Bruno, Carmen, Farah…WONDERFUL, EXPERIENCED PEOPLE who are fully immersed in the essence of our method, and who will accompany you in the development of activities and in everything that will arise for the sake of evolution throughout your stay. You can participate in 1 to 11 days, with the option of extending your stay in our house for the time that you wish, adding continuity to this new and beautiful lifestyle in an in-conscious community. We will carry out Conscious School® workshops, yoga, meditation, deprogramming workshops and integrations to go deeper, classes of self-discovery with the BEYOND INNER institute, concerts with transcendent music, Sessions with entheogens that support the personal and self-empowerment process and, above all, enjoy in surrendering to the constant flow of life.

BeInClub in Bex

Our cozy and quiet house is sheltered by nature and surrounded by large gardens, forests, streams, fields.

In-Conscious Community

The word IN-consent refers to the fact that we pamper ourselves inside. IN: inside. CONSENT: pleasant, affectionate and attentive treatment that is given to people who love each other. Hence it is said “is a consentido” is someone who likes to be taken care of and given what he likes. Every member of our communes should be a CONSENTIDO, and obviously become open to pamper others. For them a program of activities all year round, where they could enjoy:


  • Accommodation in our luxury house, with private or shared rooms
  • Varied, healthy meals.
  • Personalised and general cleaning services.
  • Social and work spaces with WiFi.

Mornings of reconnection with the body outdoors.

  • Yoga classes
  • Meditation sessions.
  • Exercise for muscle work, toning, and definition.
  • Nature walks
  • Live music
  • Careful and nutritious food

Afternoons of expression through Healthy Arts

  • Watercolor painting.
  • Mandala workshops.
  • Aromatic sauna sessions.
  • Chill out areas.
  • BeInCLUB live music festivals.
And much more to enjoy your stay…

Inner Evolution Festival Program


25th – 29th | Inner Evolution Retreat


9th – 12th | Inner Evolution Retreat
29th – 3rd | Inner Evolution Retreat

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